Professional glasses cleaning kit


I believe that many friends who wear glasses deeply realize the disadvantages of traditional wiping glasses. The methods of wiping glasses are not clean, which will affect the visual effect; they will scratch the lenses, reduce the service life of the lenses; the glasses cloth is dirty, which will cause secondary pollution to the glasses; the non professional detergent, which has bad effect, irritant volatile substances, is harmful to the eyes, and has risks in long-term use.

Micv cleaning solution is a kind of eyeglass cleaning and care product that can clean eyeglasses more efficiently, safely and comprehensively, and can greatly extend the service life of eyeglasses. It can improve the visual effect of consumers wearing glasses, and save the cost of new glasses for consumers.

Why is micv eyewear detergent more popular? Because compared with other eyewear cleaning fluids, eyewear detergent is the most convenient and least abrasive water detergent for eyewear.

However, micv's eyeglass cleaning solution is suitable for various types and materials of optical glasses, such as glass lenses, resin lenses, PC lenses and all kinds of coated lenses.

1: With the clean and traceless formula, there will be no wipe marks and color strips after cleaning the lens.

2: With two-way separation factor, it can clean quickly, spray and wipe.

3: Rich in transparence factor, deep clean, high transmittance lens.

4: Anti static interference, it is not easy to absorb dust on the lens surface after using this product, so as to maintain high light transmittance.

5: The cleaning effect is remarkable, the dirt can be cleaned quickly, the scale can be dissolved thoroughly, and there is a strong cleaning reaction to the stain, which can be removed by dispersive dissolution.
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