A Necessary for Outdoor Leisure Activities - Beach Towel




The beach is always an ocean of people's joy, where you can take off your shoes, let foot Y relax, to experience the softness of the sand. However, when tired, you can't sit or lie on the sand, which requires a beach towel. The emergence of beach towels plays a very important role in promoting seaside tourism. Since the Microfiber beach towel, when people play on the beach, they can sit and lie down freely. How relaxed and comfortable!

Beach towel size is relatively large, and can be wrapped around the waist, wrapped around the body, tied around the head and neck, as a cover ornament, can also be spread on the beach, one side of the tide and sand, the other side of the people can lie on the beach to bask in the sun. In fact, the best function of the beach is to quickly dry the water on people's body surface, because the skin in a wet state, the ultraviolet rays of the sun through the reflection of the swimming pool or sea water, resulting in sunshine effect will be three times as dry! If you don't dry your body after swimming, red spots, skin pain and blisters will surely find you, so when you play outdoors or swim, you must carry a beach towel.

Because beach towel is usually used outdoors, its appearance is generally more complex and beautiful, using high-definition printing process. The beach towel made of double-sided velvet has comfortable handle, strong water absorption, bright color and good color fastness. It can be washed and faded frequently and used as new for a long time.

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