We are professional in producing and manufacturing on microfiber products, main products are microfiber cloth, glasses cleaning cloth, glasses pouch, jewelry pouch, mobile phone pouch, and microfiber gloves. They offer cleaning and protecting to your glass, mobile phone, computer, jewelry, watch, musical instrument, furniture, etc. Our company has complete production lines that cover weaving, dyeing, sanding, stamping, printing, sewing, inspecting, packing, etc. We have independently developed the ERP system to control the whole production process. In addition, our employees in quality department are involved in all stages to inspect products and control quality. They will test the products under standard processes to ensure the quality. We can supply REACH, SGS and ROSH reports. We have obtained ISO quality certification and working with majority numbers of world famous luxury brands, such as Gucci, Prada, etc.

    We sell wholesale microfiber products such as microfiber cloth all over the world. Our products are mainly sold to South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and so on.

    We specialize in OEM and ODM services for superfine fibers for 17 years. It can provide various customized services to meet customer's design needs, brand's agent needs, spot wholesale procurement needs, etc.

    Ultrafine fibers can be used in so many fields because they are also a kind of high-quality and high-tech textile raw materials. Ultrafine fibers have very small bending stiffness, soft handle, strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect because of their small diameter. Ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between microfibers, forming capillary structure. If they are processed into towel fabric, they have high water absorption. Washed hair can quickly absorb water with this towel and make hair dry quickly. It can also synthesize many fabrics and leather. Applied to luggage products, cleaning products, office and household appliances, etc.

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    Our core service philosophy is "Safety first, quality ensuring, customer foremost, win-win cooperation”
    we will provide perfect products and services to customer.

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    we will provide perfect products and services to customer.

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      Maintain  relationships  with customers
      by providing good quality and service.

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      Our company has a set of complete
      production lines-weaving

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      working with majority numbers of world famous luxury brands.

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      Inquiry and quotation related to  our
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