We at East-Sunshine are professionals in producing and manufacturing microfiber cleaning cloths for sunglasses. We make a variety of different styles of cloths. In today's market, you can find superfine fiber cloths, suede cloths, or even double-sided velvet. We use high power microscopes to arrange the fibers in our ultrafine cloths more closely together than normal cloths can offer. In today's sunglasses, standard lenses have seven different functional film layers on the front and back surfaces. Ordinary cloths, no matter how soft, allow for dust particles to be trapped in the fibers for long periods of time, causing friction between the dust and the lens, which is effectively like polishing your sunglasses with sandpaper. With a specialized cloth, as long as it is regularly cleaned, the ease of care and overall durability of the lenses is greatly improved.
    The main functions of ultrafine fiber cleaning cloths for glasses are as follows:

    1. They extend the service life of the lenses.

    2.  They prevent tradition cleaning cloths from wiping debris against the lenses or leaving water-marks.

    3.  They remove those stubborn lens stains thoroughly, making the picture crystal clear.

    4.  They make the lens clean the first time, quickly and conveniently.

    5.  They clean the bacteria that builds on lenses, functioning as a disinfectant.

    6.  They clean the surfaces of glasses, and also household surfaces like mirrors, countertops and any other glass or resin materials, both removing stains and absorbing grease.

    7.   When in the glasses case with the glasses, they play the roll of a buffer, preventing damages or scratches from unexpected impact.

    8.   They absorb the moisture that attaches to the frame, keeping it dry for both comfort and durability.
    Our microfiber cloths can be customized in size, material, tooth edge, LOGO printing, packaging, and much more!

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